How Invoice Finance can unlock your Cash Flow

We look at how Invoice Finance can help.

Maintaining a healthy cash flow is crucial for the survival and growth of a company. Invoice finance emerges as a powerful tool in this context, offering businesses a way to unlock the value tied up in outstanding invoices. Let's delve into the mechanics of invoice finance through a practical example, illustrating how it can significantly enhance your working capital.

Understanding Invoice Finance

At its essence, invoice finance allows businesses to receive an advance on their outstanding invoices, thus providing immediate liquidity instead of waiting for customers to pay. This financing method can be particularly beneficial for businesses that have long payment terms with their customers or face delays in receiving payments.

A Practical Example

Imagine it's March 31st, and your business is owed £100,000 from outstanding invoices. Meanwhile, you're operating with a bank overdraft of £25,000 and invoicing your customers £7,500 on a weekly basis. Your goal is to increase your working capital to fuel day-to-day operations and pursue growth opportunities. Here's where invoice finance comes into play.

Step by Step Process:

Initial Advance: An invoice finance company could offer to advance 80% of the outstanding invoices amount. In this example, that would be 80% of £100,000, equating to £80,000.

Repaying Overdraft: Assuming you decide to use part of this advance to clear your existing bank overdraft, you would pay off the £25,000 overdraft, leaving you with £55,000 in available funds.

Weekly Invoicing: When you issue a new invoice of £7,500 at the end of the first week, the invoice finance company would make 80% of this amount available to you as well, adding to your liquidity.

Customer Payments: As your customers pay their invoices, now directed to the invoice finance company, the remaining 20% held back is released to you, minus any fees for the service.

The "Sixty to One" Advantage

One of the most compelling benefits of invoice finance is the ability to drastically reduce the waiting time for payment. What typically might take 60 days or more to receive can be reduced to just one day. This "sixty to one" advantage can be a game-changer for businesses struggling with cash flow delays.

Transforming Your Business with Invoice Finance

By leveraging invoice finance, businesses can transform their cash flow dynamics. This not only helps in covering operational costs without incurring additional debt but also positions the company for strategic growth moves. It's an effective way to turn what could be a cash flow constraint into a competitive advantage.

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invoice finance is a strategic financial tool that provides businesses with the agility to manage their cash flow more effectively. Through the example provided, it's clear that this method of financing can offer a substantial boost to your working capital, allowing you to focus on running and growing your business, rather than worrying about cash flow gaps.